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Uphill has been nothing but positive for my development. I’ve been around a lot of basketball trainers in my life and I decided to go with Uphill because not only they are creative and great at what they do, but they are also ex-players and they’ve been through everything on the basketball court.

I think what separates Uphill from the competitors is that (I know it might seem corny) they are humans. It’s easy to talk to them, they understand your problems and it goes way beyond basketball. Myself, having trouble getting back on my A game after have 2 bad years in the NCAA, they made me believe in myself again and pushed me out of my comfort zone. Not only I got better skill wise, but I also increased my IQ and confidence which are two skills that people often forget when they are trainers.

This question is pretty easy to answer, do you want to get better everyday? Do you want to get out of your comfort zone? Are you ready to learn new stuff? Are you ready to bring your game to the next level? If you answer yes to all these questions then it’s a no brainer. I 100% recommend Uphill. However, if you don’t want to work hard, then it might not be for you.

- William Boyer-Richard (Western Michigan/Brock)


Hmm Uphil!!! Don’t do it worst training sessions in the city !

Lmao all jokes aside, uphill has showed me many little effectives tools  I can use in my game, in the short period of time I trained with them. I can’t say what differentiates them from other companies due to the fact I don’t train with many ppl. I 100% recommended Uphill training sessions for other athletes no doubt

- Nginyu Ngala (Vanier/Dalhousie)


Uphill regain a lot of confidence that I had lost prior to working out again. It was important for me to gain it back in order to continue my path in achieving my dreams. They've taught me to embrace all my skillsets and that physical appearance isn't much of a disadvantage but if you can understand the game and play the game as well as you can it won't matter.

I feel like uphill reaches out to players and connects with them even outside of training to help them achieve their goals. They focus more on the growth of their players more than what they gain through it. I feel like that mindset and way of teaching is more beneficial to learning and growing.

I would definitely recommend Uphill's services to others. They provide different ways of teaching the game and their trainings are in par or sometimes better than what other athletes seem to think that workouts in the states would seem like. Their trainings produce results and are equivalent to elite workouts.

- Louella Allana (Team Canada/TPSL Christian academy)

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Uphill has made me develop not only my skills as a big but also worked on my guards skills to expand my game and become a better player

Uphill really focuses on details. They break down every step, every dribble and maximize efficiency.

Would definitely recommend to others. In fact I brought one of my friends to train with me.

- Luke Hunger (NMH)


They taught me how control my offensive pace, change of direction/speed and shooting ability. For shooting, 3s off the dribble and catch and shoot. My release is faster and my self-confidence has increased because of their training.

The way they structure their workout, they really work on your weakness and they have more services like the weight room. Also, they could check your game film and work more specifically on a detail like for me it was dribbling and left hand skills for me. And the more important thing is the mental side of a basketball player! They believe in you and they increase your self-esteem by talking during/after the drill and even after the workout.

For sure I’d recommend Uphill 100%. I think almost every top athlete has already trained with them and I will for sure go back during the off season.

- Nervens Demosthene (Saskatchewan/Pro)


Although,  we only had about a week to work together. I immediately felt my game getting way better. You guys were able to point out my weaknesses, and work on it right away.

The difference between uphill and other workout programs is, most basketball workouts do not translate to a real game. With uphill everything we did was game related and you guys took your time to explain when each move were working on would work in a game.

I definitely would recommend uphill to any basketball player that wants to play at the next level. There’s not too many other places you can go in Montreal and get a workout on the same level.

- Junior Farquhar (Eastern Illinois)

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Uphill gave me the opportunity to develop my skills and to play at a higher level.

What separates Uphill from others is their ability to develop talent and give them the tools to be successful.

I would recommend their services to other athletes who are committed to getting better.

- Michael Okeke (Brock)


Uphill has done a lot for me. I had a complete rupture of my left achilles in October 2020 and had my first basketball workout with them in May 2021. They have played a HUGE role in getting me back on the court and helping me gain my confidence back! Working out with them has been amazing.

They understand what I need, put emphasis on my strengths and weaknesses and help me understand the game from different perspectives, such as watching film with me. I can definitely say that my game has elevated since I’ve been working out with them. 

What separates Uphill from other companies is the training. They focus on maximizing their players potential by putting emphasis on their overall development. Another thing is the STAFF. The trainers are all experienced and have all played high level basketball, which means that they know what they are talking about. Last but not least, the relationship between players and trainers is great! Their job doesn’t stop after the workouts. They send you videos of NBA/WNBA players doing moves that you probably worked on, they send you feedback, watch film with you, help you understand your offense and even check up on you to see how you are doing! 

With all that being said, I would definitely recommend Uphill to other athletes.

- Sorell Ineza (Hofstra)


Uphill has helped me develop new skills and improve previous skills in my game to take my play to the next level

The attention to detail, personal relationships with players and tailored training to your game all set Uphill apart

I would definitely recommend Uphill to anyone who’s serious about their game and ready to take the next step

- Elija Roye (Ryerson)

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Uphill has allowed me really understand the game and showed me how to read the defense and what counter moves could benefit me. I have learned to develop a large variety of skills and refined my basic skills work to become a better basketball player overall.

Uphill is not like any other/regular training program they really focus on the individual and make sure every move you are doing is right and to the best of your ability. Also, they broke down every move so you can understand it, and why it is smarter to make one move instead of another. Every person I have trained with is no where compared to the work and results I have seen with Uphill. I would recommend this to any athletes at all age levels who are interested in basketball.

- Devawn White (Vincennes Juco)


In the few sessions I had Uphill helped me use my athleticism to its highest potential.

Uphill is different because even in group training it’s still specialized for each athlete.

I would definitely recommend Uphill’s training service.

- Georges Lefebvre (Vermont)

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Uphill has helped me refine certain parts of my game, essential to my success on the court.

Uphill is different from other companies because it is run by a staff of former players that were all exceptional in their own right. Not only did they all play at high levels, they keep their skills sharp and this drastically improves the training experience.

I would recommend Uphill to any player trying to elevate their game.

- Eze Dike (Yale)

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